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this wikisite deals with saving tigers.habitat loss isolated population poachingand human interference are significant factorstreating the existance of this unique animal. The members of this site are working hard to create an awareness on saving tigers.Today, we are left with an exclusive number of 1411 tigers and their existence is on threat. a most recent study organized by WWF(World Wild Fund) in 2010, stressed on the gist of climate change on the Royal Bengal Tiger. There is a link which contains information on the need of hour like save water, stop globle warming and also sciencitific facts. The students in creating the awareness thorugh the medium of this site are:—tiger_single.jpg

1) Abhishek Gautam (site editing, drawing, forums, animations)

2) Anushka Shingh (designing posters and giving idea to improve upon site)

3) Devesh Sharma (collecting information)

4) Ajeet Kumar (collecting information)

5) Mukul saini(survey form)

6)anas alvi(survey form)